Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Portland Tag

Filoli tagged this blog (tagging has been going on a lot in the other blogging community I'm a part of, and I find it interesting to be tagged here).

So. A few random shots of Portland:
Inside Voodoo Donuts

The signed, velvet Kenny Rogers painting in the other Voodoo donuts.

Sign left outside a comics shop near Powell's.

Portland is full of amazing front porches. This one is one of my favorites. It was all I could do to keep myself from knocking on the front door and asking for some lemonade.

Portland is also full of shops selling strong coffee and tasty pie. This one is rhubarb, my favorite.

Portlanders like to decorate for Halloween.

And decorate their dogs for the Rose Festival Kiddie Parade.

An abundance of moss, nearly year-round.


filoli said...

I love it! Random definitely = velvet Kenny and flower covered dogs (I almost didn't see him under the flora...)

filoli said...

and I love the note!

Neorelix said...

Coffee, pie, donuts and fancy-dress pets - I'm packing my bags now...;p

Lynette said...

What a super series of photos of our dear Portland. I have also enjoyed browsing your recent posts.